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Yes it does include chicken wings…I’m sure they may let you have meatless…not sure but just ask! My meatatarian husband loves them..so that must mean they are delish!

Here’s A Savvy Saver Organic Super Bowl Meal Deal

  1. Get (2) pounds of chicken wings $3.99lb
    Chicken Wings, BBQ, Original, Hot, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Jerk $3.99 lb
    -(Get one FREE with the purchase of one with this printable coupon.) $3.99lb
  2. Organic Baby Spinach and Carrots Assorted Varieties 4 oz $.69
  3. Get (2) Boulder Canyon Chips Hickory Barbeque Potato Chips, Assorted Varieties 5 oz $2
    -$1 off coupon printable
  4. Get (1) Kettle Chips Co. Potato Chips 5 oz $2
    -$1 off printable (Take the Pledge) (makes it $1.00)
    -$1 off any Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips, 4 oz or more 01/03/10 SS (makes it $1.00 each)
    -$1 off any (2) Kettle Chips, EF Winter Savings Book, (makes it $1.50 each)
  5. Get (1) Cascadian Farms Organic Oven French Fries, Assorted Varieties 16 oz $2.49
    -$1 off register here they will send more coupons via e-mail (makes it $1.49 each!!!)
  6. Get (8) cans of Steaz Tea (they are on sale right now at our EF for$1!)
    -Buy One Get One Free printable (print 4 of these)

That’s it total out of pocket is $13.17!!!

If you want to add a pizza, here are some options as well:

Kashi Mushroom Spinach Thin Crust Pizza, Assorted Varieties 11.9-12.7 oz $5.49
-$1 off (1) Kashi Pizza manufacturer’s printable w/Target logo (makes it $4.49)
-$1 off any (2) Kashi products, Earth Fare Winter Savings booklet (makes it $4.99)

Pacific Natural Foods Supreme Pizza, Assorted Varieties 13 oz $5.99
-$1 off (2) Pacific NF register (makes it $5.49)

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Free Steaz

I wanted to give you this printable coupon if you haven’t tried this already. It’s sweetened with stevia and it’s great for people watching their glycemic index. You can use this at Whole Foods, they may not have them as singles in the grocery aisle, but just ask someone and they will get one for you.

You can also get a printable for their regular Iced Tea. It’s a buy one get one FREE printable. Great for use at Target and I use it at Earth Fare.

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steaz-bottlesI am so excited about this printable coupon. I love Steaz sodas and this drink is an ALL NATURAL zero calorie drink. It’s sweetened with stevia plant leaves. How cool is that. Thanks so much for the link pshcubfan.

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