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Leeks to me are very expensive. They can run $3-5 for one. But it is also very tasty. I credit one of my favorite authors for turning me on to this veggie. It’s perfect for people who want an onion flavor without the sharp onion taste and without the tears. They can be sliced opened, seasoned and grilled. I bought a small plant a few years ago and now its yielded these seeds/flowers. You plant them in Zone 7 at the beginning of September.


A Leek Flower

I will chop off the flower which is made up of seeds and let them dry. I will cut them apart and put them in a big pot. They are kind of like potatoes in that you must keep adding dirt to the plants to make the bases wider and the plant taller. This one flower can save hundreds on the costs of buying these from a grocery store. And yours will be organic. 

Here is a great article on some other foods that you can grow from kitchen cuttings Click here to go to the article by Wake Up World

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