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I have been a little under the weather…not usually sick, but just wanted to let you know that I will be back up and posting on Feb 9, thanks!

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Since we’re beginning to save so much money grocery shopping, what are we going to do with the monies we’ve saved? I am beginning to read the “investing for dummies” book to learn more about additional means of investing other than real-estate. I mean I knew I was lending my money to the banks when I deposited it, but I guess I never thought about what REALLY happens. I know they say you have to hear something a number of times before you have your AHA! moment about it.

After reading the first chapter, something caught my eye. I was reading that every time you put your money in the bank, whether it’s through direct deposit, counter transaction or internet transfer you are lending money to the bank. I then thought thay everytime I deposit money, I should say this to myself “here ___Bank, I am loaning you my money. If I want access to it now, you don’t have to pay me any interest. If I want you to pay me interest, then I will let you have it for 6-12 months (CD).” that’s what they mean by things like Access Now Checking Accounts….no fees and no penalties. Just think about this. If you are lending the bank YOUR money….they charge you fees if you go down under a certain balance, if you use someone else’s ATM machine…okay, what sense does that make…we will study a little more, but that just got to me…

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