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Goodbelly has a 12 day challenge, get $3 in coupons! Goodbelly is a great product. It’s like a great tasting probiotic you can drink. There is a 3 step process to the program and if in 12 days you don’t like the challenge, they will refund yoir money. How cool is that.

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Get $2 coupons by sharing their campaign. All three of these products are great for kids to go back to school or if you need snacks for the glove compartment (to provide healthier alternatives).
There are four -.50 off coupons for Annie’s Homegrown, Honest Kids, Stonyfield and Organic Valley. Happy Shopping!!!

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Friday August 2, 2013, Whole Foods will have wild-caught Alaska Coho salmon for $9.99/lb.

According to Whole Foods, the salmon it selects are comes from fisheries rated green by the Monterey Bay Aquarium or Blue Ocean Institute. That signals healthy populations (no overfishing) and a fishing method that’s easy on the environment.They have two dedicated port buyers based in Alaska throughout the salmon season that work personally with fishermen. That’s always important to A Savvy Saver!

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Numi Teas are some of my favorite teas, they have large leafs and really have great flavor. This is an awesome way to score free tea from Numi Organic Teas. They are announcing a new Savory line that blends vegetables and teas. Quite an interesting choice of blends, but I can’t wait to taste mine and see…(you know I’m the family sceptic). So we shall see…get them while supplies last. (ALL SAMPLES HAVE BEEN CLAIMED)

Numi Savory Tea

Thanks BeCentsable for this post.

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Most coupons at Earth Fare only last for one or two days so there is a mad scramble to get to the store before it expires. This one at least gives you almost a week to purchase. It’s for $1 organic pizza dough, $1 pizza sauce and $1 mozzarella cheese. Awesome. If you don’t have the coupon, you can sign up here.

Earth Fare Pizza Coupon

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Yes it does include chicken wings…I’m sure they may let you have meatless…not sure but just ask! My meatatarian husband loves them..so that must mean they are delish!

Here’s A Savvy Saver Organic Super Bowl Meal Deal

  1. Get (2) pounds of chicken wings $3.99lb
    Chicken Wings, BBQ, Original, Hot, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Jerk $3.99 lb
    -(Get one FREE with the purchase of one with this printable coupon.) $3.99lb
  2. Organic Baby Spinach and Carrots Assorted Varieties 4 oz $.69
  3. Get (2) Boulder Canyon Chips Hickory Barbeque Potato Chips, Assorted Varieties 5 oz $2
    -$1 off coupon printable
  4. Get (1) Kettle Chips Co. Potato Chips 5 oz $2
    -$1 off printable (Take the Pledge) (makes it $1.00)
    -$1 off any Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips, 4 oz or more 01/03/10 SS (makes it $1.00 each)
    -$1 off any (2) Kettle Chips, EF Winter Savings Book, (makes it $1.50 each)
  5. Get (1) Cascadian Farms Organic Oven French Fries, Assorted Varieties 16 oz $2.49
    -$1 off register here they will send more coupons via e-mail (makes it $1.49 each!!!)
  6. Get (8) cans of Steaz Tea (they are on sale right now at our EF for$1!)
    -Buy One Get One Free printable (print 4 of these)

That’s it total out of pocket is $13.17!!!

If you want to add a pizza, here are some options as well:

Kashi Mushroom Spinach Thin Crust Pizza, Assorted Varieties 11.9-12.7 oz $5.49
-$1 off (1) Kashi Pizza manufacturer’s printable w/Target logo (makes it $4.49)
-$1 off any (2) Kashi products, Earth Fare Winter Savings booklet (makes it $4.99)

Pacific Natural Foods Supreme Pizza, Assorted Varieties 13 oz $5.99
-$1 off (2) Pacific NF register (makes it $5.49)

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There is a great sale going on this week at Target! A lot of their organic body care brands are half-price! Imagine my joy when I went in to use my Mrs. Meyers coupons that were expiring on 1/31/10!!! Instead, I used my budget to get these items because…I had coupons as well (always keep your coupons with you!). So I ended up being A Savvy Saver and purchasing these for 60% off or more! Each of the brands have different items on sale, so just take your coupons and see what you find! I want you to be A Savvy Saver too, make it happen people. Share with the Target Shopping 1/31/10rest of us what you find.

Burt’s Bees Men’s Body Wash $9.99 (sale $3.98)
-$1 printable for any BB (made it $2.98)
-$1 off Burt’s Bees non-lip product, 11/15/09 RP
-.50 off Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer or Lip Gloss 11/15/09 RP

Kiss My Face Hand Creme $7.99 (sale $3.98)
-$1 off any KMF product, Earth Fare Winter Savings Booklet (makes it $2.98)
-$1 off any KMF
printable (makes it $2.98)

Kiss My Face Big Body Conditioner $7.99 (sale $3.98)
-$1 off any KMF product, Earth Fare Winter Savings Booklet (makes it $2.98)
-$1 off any KMF
printable (makes it $2.98)

Kiss My Face Peaches & Cream body lotion (I bought two) $9.99 (sale $4.98 each)
-$1 off any KMF product, Earth Fare Winter Savings Booklet (makes it $3.98)
-$2 off any KMF classic moisturizer 
printable (makes it $2.98!!!)

Toms of Maine Sensitive toothpaste on sale $3.50
-$1 off Toms of Maine Sensitive printable (makes it $2.50)

Weleda Essence Oil $2.50 ($1.25)
** I did not have a coupon for Weleda with me, so I bought something small to see if I liked it…they did have some of these items on sale at my Target though. Here are some printable coupons.
-$2 off any Weleda Calendula shampoo & body wash Target Printable (it’s simple, type in the quantity of coupons you want and hit print. You do not have to register).
-$3 off any Weleda Skin Food body cream
Target printable


Regular Price for Items $52.95
Total Out of Pocket $20.15
Savings $32.80!!!

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