Goodbelly has a 12 day challenge, get $3 in coupons! Goodbelly is a great product. It’s like a great tasting probiotic you can drink. There is a 3 step process to the program and if in 12 days you don’t like the challenge, they will refund yoir money. How cool is that.


Get $2 coupons by sharing their campaign. All three of these products are great for kids to go back to school or if you need snacks for the glove compartment (to provide healthier alternatives).
There are four -.50 off coupons for Annie’s Homegrown, Honest Kids, Stonyfield and Organic Valley. Happy Shopping!!!

Friday August 2, 2013, Whole Foods will have wild-caught Alaska Coho salmon for $9.99/lb.

According to Whole Foods, the salmon it selects are comes from fisheries rated green by the Monterey Bay Aquarium or Blue Ocean Institute. That signals healthy populations (no overfishing) and a fishing method that’s easy on the environment.They have two dedicated port buyers based in Alaska throughout the salmon season that work personally with fishermen. That’s always important to A Savvy Saver!

More Leeks For The Money

Leeks to me are very expensive. They can run $3-5 for one. But it is also very tasty. I credit one of my favorite authors for turning me on to this veggie. It’s perfect for people who want an onion flavor without the sharp onion taste and without the tears. They can be sliced opened, seasoned and grilled. I bought a small plant a few years ago and now its yielded these seeds/flowers. You plant them in Zone 7 at the beginning of September.


A Leek Flower

I will chop off the flower which is made up of seeds and let them dry. I will cut them apart and put them in a big pot. They are kind of like potatoes in that you must keep adding dirt to the plants to make the bases wider and the plant taller. This one flower can save hundreds on the costs of buying these from a grocery store. And yours will be organic. 

Here is a great article on some other foods that you can grow from kitchen cuttings Click here to go to the article by Wake Up World

Numi Teas are some of my favorite teas, they have large leafs and really have great flavor. This is an awesome way to score free tea from Numi Organic Teas. They are announcing a new Savory line that blends vegetables and teas. Quite an interesting choice of blends, but I can’t wait to taste mine and see…(you know I’m the family sceptic). So we shall see…get them while supplies last. (ALL SAMPLES HAVE BEEN CLAIMED)

Numi Savory Tea

Thanks BeCentsable for this post.

Most coupons at Earth Fare only last for one or two days so there is a mad scramble to get to the store before it expires. This one at least gives you almost a week to purchase. It’s for $1 organic pizza dough, $1 pizza sauce and $1 mozzarella cheese. Awesome. If you don’t have the coupon, you can sign up here.

Earth Fare Pizza Coupon

Whole Foods has specials this weekend on Cod and Coffee!


One-Day Sale: Marine Stewardship Council-certified wild Pacific cod
Date of sale: April 19, 2013
Price: $5.99/lb (average savings of $50%)

The cod comes from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified Alaskan fisheries. MSC certification is the gold standard for seafood sustainability.


There is a three-day sale on Whole Trade® Allegro Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee
Dates of sale: April 19 to 21, 2013
Price: $6.99/lb in bulk and $6.99 per 12 oz package (average savings of about 50%)

What to know about this coffee:
• This coffee is a blend of citrus, apricot, milk chocolate and caramel notes.
• It’s fairly traded! This light roast is not only organic and Rainforest Alliance certified, it’s backed by their Whole Trade®Guarantee, which ensures safe and healthy working conditions for farm workers, environmentally-friendly growing practices, fair prices to producers and a donation to Whole Planet Foundation® for poverty relief.
• This coffee is made with a combo of high quality beans from Selva Negra Estates, an environmentally friendly farm in Nicaragua, and Ethiopian coffee called Moredecofe, one of the few Rainforest Alliance coffees in Ethiopia.